First Sony PS4 visual shows prototype controller

Just hours after telling you about a Sony PS4 controller that is rumored to be including a touch pad similar to the PS Vita, it appears that the first legit image of the next-gen controller has been unearthed online. As expected, we see a touch pad in action and evidence backing up previous rumors suggesting that the controller will still adopt the traditional DualShock design format that we’ve seen over the years.

There are some other big talking points though. Firstly, take a good look at the image above which also appears to show a PS4 development kit. As you can see, this is a prototype we’re looking at here – not the finished product remember. Aside from the large touchpad located on the front of the pad, we also see redesigned dual analogue sticks and also an integrated speaker.

The big talking point though is the inclusion of a large blue light area at the top of the device. We’re guessing that this is some kind of sensor recognition for Sony Move, or maybe even Sony’s version of Kinect which can actually track head movements directly from the controller.

The speakers will probably double up as a microphone feature, while there may even be a headphone jack port at the bottom – we can’t see clearly just yet. Have the triggers at the back been revamped as well, with just one larger back triggers as opposed to two sets of triggers seen on the DualShock3?

Note that there is also no rumored share button either, but the home button remains in tact. It looks like this picture is real folks, so give us your reaction to the alleged Sony PS4 controller. Are you happy with the basic design? – once again, bear in mind that this is a prototype that we are looking at.



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