Sony PS4 controller touch pad looks promising

With just days to go until Sony’s highly anticipated February 20 event, we are hearing some last minute details on the supposed PS4 reveal with specific reference to a new PS4 controller that is thought to be coming with the console. We have told you in the past about a potential share button being included on the pad, but now we have some further reports on the possibility of a touch pad being included as well.

It is obviously not the first time that we have heard such rumors, but it is interesting given the timing of the latest rumors and the fact that these rumors are surfacing from VG247, who have it on good authority that it is definitely happening.

A PS4 controller with a touchpad is apparently going to be replacing the start and select buttons that are traditionally located in the center of the device. We’re guessing that these start and select buttons will now be touch sensitive, giving Sony the flexibility to use the touch screen pad for other areas of the interface and for developers to implement some additional touch input based on their preference.

Alternatively, the start and select physical buttons may simply be moved to another location – we’re assuming somewhere along the top of the pad. The back triggers are also thought to be getting a revamp, but the overall shape of the pad will reportedly be similar to the current DualShock mould.

It’s important to note that in this latest report, there are no details on the physical share button that is thought to be coming, so make of that what you will. We still hope that the rumored recording feature still makes it into the pad though as that would definitely be a nice option for users to use whenever they liked.

Six days and counting – all of the rumors and theories will finally be answered soon. Let us know your final expectations for the PS4 console ahead of the event. Would you have no problems seeing a PS Vita-style touchpad at the front of Sony’s PS4 pad, or would you object to this idea?



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