Sonic Wallets for men that play sounds

Whenever I have purchased a wallet I’ve found myself always going for a plain black one, as it spends most of its time hidden away. However, there are those who feel as though they need something a little less boring, and this range of wallets for men might just be what you are looking for.

There are 8 Sonic Wallets for men to choose from, all of which make a sound every time you open one, you know much like those novelty cards you can get. The maker of these wallets says that these are the first of their kind, as they not only look amazing, but they also play a distinctive tune as well each time you go to get money or a credit card out, as well as lighting up.

It’s like it is a joyous occasion each time you go to spend some money, but when you consider just how much things have gone it, it’s not that fun anymore. Don’t think for one moment that these wallets are made from a cheap material, as they are tough and durable, which is just what you need when you consider how many times you have to get your wallet out.

All 8 different types of Sonic Wallets for men can be found on Gadgets Gear, where you can also purchase them for $19.95. It’s tough to know which one I would choose, but I would have to say the American Flag, as the others are not really to my taste. Which of the eight would you choose?



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