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O2 UK call problems lead to spying

If you work for O2 UK customer service or in a retail shop then you might reconsider going into work today, as they have yet another problem with their network. Over the years there have been a huge number of O2 UK call problems, but learning that some spying has taking place will be the last straw for some customers.

We have now learned that many of our phone calls have been spied on, and have now been warned that they should refrain from discussing any financial information while making a call.

The latest problems with the O2 UK network is that people can listen into your conversation without you even knowing about it, as their lines have been crossed – this will make you think back to all those conversations you have when the line goes dead for a while, then comes back on again.

It seems strange that some of us are only learning about this latest O2 problem today, while it actually came to light on Monday. According to the report the issue was said to have only affected O2 UK customers in Birmingham, England, but customers from the surrounding areas have also experienced the same issues.

O2 has since said that the issue has now been fixed, although some of their customers are still complaining that this issue is still ongoing. It’s not a good time for O2, as a couple of weeks ago they were having several network issues, and many of our readers thought that by turning their 3G off their iPhone 5 and 4S would resolve the issue like it has done in the past.

It does seem that if you are an O2 customer in the UK, then you have to accept that you will be more susceptible to such issues.



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