Apple killing Xbox 720, PS4 is laughable

By Peter Chubb - Feb 14, 2013

With the impeding PS4 unveil next week this has got so many of us excited, it is only obvious that some analysts are taking this time to see if not only the PlayStation 4, but also the Xbox 720 will be as popular as their predecessors. As always there are some crazy predictions when it comes to the release of a certain device killing another, but Apple killing the Xbox 720 and PS4 with their TV device is laughable.

The most recent update in the Apple TV saga would suggest that an Apple HDTV that is game-enabled would create the death of the games console, and one of the reasons is how app developers have far more ways to earn revenue from a game title than that of traditional game developers.

Rumors to suggest that if Apple were to get serious with their TV project, app developers would jump at the opportunity to be part of what has already been a huge success for the iPhone and iPad, but we are not certain if the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony need to worry just yet.

There is some truth in this though, because a developer could create a game far easier and cheaper for an iOS device than they can for the PlayStation or Xbox, and this will only get harder once the PS4 and the Xbox 720 are finally released.

Put it this way, if you wanted to develop a game for the Xbox you would have to part with $10,000 a year for the privilege, while it’s a fraction of the cost on iOS. Okay, while this does make for a good argument there are so many other factors to be taken into consideration because it’s not always about price.

Firstly there is the Apple argument, because if they were to use their huge cash reserves in order to develop an Apple TV to deliver gaming apps, then if done correctly this could prove a decent competitor against the games console, but replacing them would take years of marketing and creating a new fan base.

Most gamers would agree that if there were an Apple TV that offered games console like features, then they would not touch it because they love their brands. Put it this way, I’m an Apple man because I have an iPhone 5, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV and an iMac.

However, I also own a PS3 and would never jump ship and get myself an Xbox, and the same would go if Apple decided to get in on the games console business. This works both ways; you’ll get an Xbox 360 fan who would think the same way. Most of us are loyal to our brand, and would only switch if there was a compelling reason.

Do we really need next-gen consoles just yet? The video below should help answer this question for you, although we are sure you all have your own views.

Let’s say for arguments sake that the PS4 rumors are true and the release date could be as early as the Holiday Season and the Xbox 720 release will not be for another year, then this could be a compelling reason for some gamers to try out the opposition – remember we say some not all.

There are those who have an open mind and always choose the console that they feel offers the gamer the best experience; so if the PS4 and Xbox 720 specs are evenly matched, then it will come down to other factors, these could be how the developers are able make graphics work far better on one console to another, the controller also plays an important part. However, there’s also the entertainment features but the most important, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 price. The again like we said above, those loyal to their brand will not care and no matter what the opposition has it will not matter to them as they have already made their choice.

Do you have an open mind in what console you will choose, and do you think it is laughable when analysts suggest that an Apple TV that you can play games on will kill next-gen consoles?

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  • Mr T

    Like you said, games are getting bigger and you need a better consol to keep up with pc`s. plus they are not just consols any more they are multi tasking machines. Bring on xbox 720

  • inyourbase

    Unless Apple releases dedicated console hardware, I can’t imagine how mind-numbingly boring gaming on an Apple TV would be.

  • former wii users might think so 😀

  • Games are just games. I’m a hardcore gamer for sure, but I know that it’s a fake world that will probably mean nothing in 5 years. I don’t care about what brand I play on as long as I play on the brand that cares about me, the gamer. If Apple decides to release a console, then fine. I’m sure they’re going to expect people to pay 59.99 for ‘Angry Birds Theft Auto’ or something. I laugh at people who think ‘touch’ is the future. Right now it’s cheaper to repair buttons than to fully replace a device screen and if the next gen consoles even incorporate ‘touch’ for the sake of implementing them, then I quit console gaming in general. It’ll be MMO’s for me.

  • Frodo Baggins

    IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF……….Apple were to take out Sony and Microsoft’s gaming consoles and be the leader in the gaming community I will still NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy anything from Apple EVER. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Apple knows this and they have a great deal of work if they are to EVER change the minds of people like me, on what their company image is. You can’t market to EVERYONE.