Skyrim PS3 DLC discounts arrive on Xbox 360 too

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2013

Just when you thought that the upcoming Skyrim DLC on PS3 was exclusive to Sony’s console as a way of Bethesda apologizing, it appears that Microsoft are going to have the last laugh once again. It has now been confirmed that Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire will also be 50% off on the Xbox Live Marketplace, for anyone that has yet to purchase the DLC expansions.

PS3 owners are very happy at the moment since Dragonborn is now available to buy on the PlayStation Store for $10, ending a frustrating period where they had to sit and watch as three Skyrim DLC expansions have already come and gone on Xbox 360. The discounted $10 price will be available for the first week only, as after that the price will return to the standard $20.

Major Nelson has informed all Xbox 360 owners though that the discount isn’t exclusive to PS3 only. Starting from February 19 and through to February 25, Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard will also be discounted with 50% off. At the moment, it looks like this was purely an Xbox Live decision and perhaps Bethesda had no say in the matter – but then again, you never know.

Users over at the US PS Blog are clearly not happy about the situation, but at the end of the day the deals are still there to be had on the PlayStation Store and let’s not forget that we almost had a situation where no DLC was coming to the PS3 at all. It will be interesting to see what happens with the rumored Redguard expansion and whether it will remain exclusive to the Xbox 360, or release on PS3 and PC simultaneously for the first time.

As a PS3 Skyrim owner, are you now happy with the current situation and forgiven Bethesda for their previous actions? How do you feel now that the 50% discount is happening on Xbox Live as well – a big deal or not to you? Bethesda has yet to say anything on the Xbox 360 discount – let’s see what happens.

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  • Sieben Booya

    Clearly it sucked for us ps3 owners, that bethesda had such a struggle with the dlcs and the overall quality of the game, compared to pc and xbox360. However, sh*t can happen and i am in no way informed enough to say bethesda blowed microsofts d*ck and ignored the ps3 and thats why ps3 had so much problems or if the ps3 is indeed just hard to code for. however, what i can not understand and why I really start to hate bethesda and think they are complete morons is the fact, that are not able to realize the dlcs or even just the last patch (1.8) at the same time world wide. I mean, I can accept a slight delay between US-EU-Asia, but its just terrible that the EU countries with own language versions (Spain, France, Italy, Germany) have yet to get a release date, while everyone else can already play this game. Its just so pathetic.

  • Jay F

    Bethesda shouldn’t have released Skyrim on PS3 until it was up to standard like the Xbox and PC formats. I’ll probably still end up getting Dragonborn DLC but if frequent glitches happen again then I’m done with Bethesda.

  • yo

    have yet to play dragonborn

  • Ian

    Just got dragonborn on ps3 and what a shock it doesn’t work I go to windhelm on the ship chat with the captain then the game just crashes tried everything don’t waste your money guys

  • I won’t be purchasing it.

  • Achilles2025

    my dragonborn dlc is 15bucs what up?

  • steven

    I still can’t get Dragonborn on my ps3.. no happy about this!

  • casper13rocks

    like i said all along this 50% discount as a apology was a joke if bethesda have sympathy at all for ps3 owners and truly wish to make a apology for the release of a faulty game still not fixed and for total disregard for fair tradeing laws they should give any new upcomeing dlc planed to ps3 owners for a 30day exlusion period any less is a insult

  • Thomas McBrearty

    I hate Bethesda so much…