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PS Vita with HDMI could just be old dev kit

Just days after hearing rumors on a potential PS Vita model with 4G LTE capabilities, we’re now hearing further whispers on Sony possibly releasing a new PS Vita with the addition of USB and HDMI connectivity ports, which could allow consumers to easily play their games or view media instantly on a TV screen.

While this would obviously be a nice upgrade for those yet to pick up a handheld from Sony, it would also be a cause of considerable frustration for those who bought the system at launch. A ‘new’ patent has been doing the rounds this week, showing an image of the PS Vita with the new ports in tact situated at the top of the device – seemingly replacing the PS Vita game slot and PS Vita memory card slots.

However, these rumors on a new PS Vita system with HDMI may be without merit though. There’s also conflicting rumors suggesting that the patent image relates to the PS Vita development kit, as you can see in a photo above showing the same layout as the patent with the description clearly labelled ‘development kit’.

Information acquired by Patentbolt suggests that the patent image was taken as recent as February 7, 2013. One possible situation may be that while the patent image may be in relation to the dev kit originally, Sony may have had a change of heart and will release a PS Vita with HDMI and USB port after all, initially being reluctant with the launch model.

It will be interesting to find out whether a new PS Vita model shows its face on February 20. If you picked up a launch model, let us know your thoughts on rumors suggesting that an upgraded model is already on the way. Will you be livid if this happens?



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