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Not the 2013 MacBook Pro update we hoped for

Apple has quietly released an update to the MacBook Pro Retina by giving it a faster processor, along with making it a little cheaper as well. While this may be good news for some of you, it hasn’t gone down well with others, as this is not the 2013 MacBook Pro update that we had we hoped for.

There is a fear that this could be the only MacBook Pro upgrade this year, although we should be a little happy in the fact that you now get a faster processor and not paying more but less instead. The new starting price for the 13-inch Retina display version is $1,499, which has 128GB flash storage. The faster 2.6GHz processor and 256GB flash drive will cost $1,699.

If you would rather the larger 15-inch version then you’ll be happy to know that this will now come with a 2.4GHz processor, whereas the top of the range model now offers a 2.7GHz CPU and a massive 16GB of RAM. These new processor updates are now available on the Apple Store, along with these reduced prices as well.

We do find it strange that Apple has updated their MacBook Pro with Retina just a few short months before Haswell is released. Do you think that Apple will still release a 2013 MacBook Pro refresh later this year, seeing as though the last update was back in October 2012 – it would still make sense?

For those of you who are more into your MacBook Air, then you’ll be interested to know that the 13-inch 256GB version has now been reduced to $1,399.



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