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New 2013 Android phone for $10,000 with low-end specs

Some consumers think that $500 is too much money for a high-end Android smartphone, despite the fact that it usually comes with top of the range hardware specs. If you fall into this category, you may find details of the following luxury phone rather amusing. Vertu are back with their latest addition in their luxury lineup, with the Vertu Ti which costs around a staggering $10,000 to buy.

We’re not joking either. If you are familiar with previous Vertu handsets, you’ll know that these type of high price tags are not unfamiliar with the company. For that kind of money though, you would expect amazing hardware specs as well on board but with the Vertu Ti – that is definitely not the case.

Vertu has said that craftsmanship and design are the two main areas of priority that went into the thought process when building the device. That is evident to see with titanium materials used for the case, sapphire used for the 3.7-inch display screen which apparently can only be scratched by diamond and a dedicated concierge button used for speaking directly to private companies.

On the other hand, other features of the device are less than glamorous in comparison. There’s only Android Ice Cream Sandwich on board, an 8 megapixel camera and a dual-core 1.7Ghz processor – not a quad-core chip like many other Android handsets have on the market at the moment.

If the latest specs are not important to you though and style and boasting are, then you should be able to pick up the Vertu soon at specialist retailers and Vertu’s own boutiques. Tell us what you would do if you had a spare $10,000 lying around – we’re guessing buying one of these Ice Cream Sandwich handsets would not be top of your list?



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