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Black Ops 2 Revolution PS3 release date, but where’s Wii U?

We have some good news for PS3 owners now, as Treyarch has finally confirmed a solid release date for when the highly anticipated Revolution DLC map pack will arrive. As most of you are aware, the content first released on Xbox 360 as part of the ongoing exclusivity agreement with Microsoft and will contain four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombie map to play as well called Die Rise.

The release date for the content will be February 28 and also relates to when PC Black Ops 2 owners can play Revolution as well. The month’s wait must be a frustrating one without doubt, but it has now become the normal practice for add-on Call of Duty content so it shouldn’t really be a surprise any more.

Aside from the five generous new maps, Treyarch are also giving away a free DLC weapon for the first time in the series, with the addition of the Peacekeeper SMG. The weapon looks like a very solid one, and you’ll be able to see what it looks like with a diamond camo, in a previous video here.

The biggest highlight of Revolution without doubt though is Die Rise – a new vertical-based zombie map that is set in a skyscraper complex in China. New features of the map include a wonder weapon called the Sliquifier, perk machines located inside elevators and a brand new gameplay mode called Turned giving you the opportunity to play as the zombie for the very first time.

One question on our minds though – what is happening to DLC content for the Wii U? There hasn’t been the slightest hint of information from either Activision or Treyarch to suggest Revolution is on the way, but Wii U owners surely must be wondering what on earth is going on at the moment.

Revolution is out for the PS3 and PC on February 28, priced at $15.



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