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BlackBerry Z10 internals comparable to Galaxy S3 LTE

It’s now just over a week since BlackBerry released their first BB10 device, the Z10 and while we knew what the specs were, we have not been able to see the innards. However, all that has changed because the first BlackBerry Z10 teardown has happened, and it seems as though the new device shares some of the same internals as the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE version.

We already knew most of what made the Z10 tick, but to find much of the same hardware found in the S3 is not that surprising, as we already knew that BlackBerry were not going to release anything groundbreaking, just enough to make them compete in the market more fairly.

Some of the hardware that these two handsets share includes the MSM8960 baseband/applications processor, PM8921 power management IC, and much more. Looking at the teardown conducted by UBM TechInsights, they say that they are uncertain if incorporating many of the internals as the LTE S3 was a coincidence or if it was deliberate.

It’s not certain if this news will have an affect on people’s opinions on the Z10, but knowing that some of the hardware is used on one of the best selling phones of 2012 and also a more up-to-date software is surely going to be a huge positive for BlackBerry?

While this is an above average teardown, what we really need is an iFixit Blackberry Z10 teardown instead, as they go into far more details, as well as providing better images of the process as well.



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