AppVentures iPad case transforms into playhouse

Even though we have just gotten over the Holiday Season, the recent American International Toy Fair gives us several new products to look forward to throughout the year, as well as what we can expect to go on sale ready for next Christmas. One such product that got our attention is the AppVentures iPad case, which transforms your Apple tablet into a fun playhouse.

While some of you believe that the iPad is a serious device and should not be used by children, we would have to disagree because it is such a great educational product, a fine example would be the iPotty, which makes going to the toilet fun. The new iPad play case comes with two choices; you can transform your iOS tablet into a dwelling for your dolls or a firefighter.

The iPad Play case costs just $19.99 and depending which one you purchase you can then download the corresponding app, iDollhouse or iFirefighter, from the App Store at a cost of just $0.99.

Being able to transform your iPad into a creative playhouse is pretty awesome for children. The iDoolshouse has different rooms to play in; you can change curtains or even paint the walls. The iFirefighter also has some fun stuff, such as sliding down the pole to turning on the water so you can put the fire out.

You can even play with the dolls and then scan the rear of them so they can then appear on your iPad, which we have to say is pretty cool for kids – where was all this when I was growing up? While the price of these cases are reasonable, once you include shipping and handling you’ll be paying around $30 instead. More details on this here.



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