Sony PS4 and other rumors for February 20 event

We are just days away from Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation Meeting 2013, an event where the company are now expected to unveil the next-generation PS4 to the world for the very first time. A question on our minds though, is what else Sony will have to show aside from a PS4 reveal, or in the case of if we don’t see a next-gen console at the event.

If Sony has trolled us all and the PS4 won’t be shown until E3, then they would obviously need to find some other ways to satisfy a global audience, who will be tuning into the event on the 20th via live stream on Sony’s website. Now we have some hints and hopes on some other reveals that could be potentially shown at the event as well.

The good thing about this event in particular, is that it is being billed as a major event by Sony, with the company showing their willingness to advertise by sending out numerous invites and reminders to interested parties, as well as providing a live stream on top for everyone to tune in online.

That means that the event is not to be missed and we could be in for a treat as far as new game reveals is concerned. There are whispers that Sony may be using their event to show off Killzone 4 for the very first time, a title that could be on the way to the PS4 as a launch title. It’s a known fact that a segment of Guerilla Games in Cambridge is currently developing Killzone Mercenary for the PS Vita, so it would be logical to assume that the other remaining bulk of the developer is locked away behind closed doors on their next gen project.

Another game that may decide to make an appearance is the highly anticipated Bioshock game for the PS Vita, which hasn’t been seen in months since its initial reveal. Some further hopes over at Dealspwn also suggests that the event may be used to show Gran Turismo 6, The Last Guardian, a PS Vita price cut and even some exclusive material for GTA V. While all of these would be nice, we doubt we’ll see so much new content revealed until E3 2013 in June.

Killzone 4 surely has to be announced this year though, but will it be ready for a release in 2013 with the next console? If you are planning to tune in to the big event on February 20, let us know what you would like to see aside from the PS4, or as a replacement if the console doesn’t turn up.



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