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Rayman Legends Wii U demo to ease platform pain

We have some more news to bring you now on the fallout that has occurred among Wii U owners, after Ubisoft confirmed that they are delaying Rayman Legends again, due to the decision to now make the game a multiplatform release on Xbox 360 and PS3 in September. Ubisoft has attempted to ease some of the platform pain by revealing that another demo is on the way to Wii U owners soon.

It is unlikely to stop all of the complaints that are going on right now though, given the fact that most Wii U owners are under the assumption that their version of the game is completed, but is now being held back to accomodate a simultaneous release across all platforms.

Ubisoft has said that they are now working on a new demo for the game, one that will be exclusive to the Wii U as a way of an apology over the frustration that this has caused. However, if you head over to the comment section of the Facebook message that Ubisoft posted, you’ll see that angry Wii U owners are simply not willing to let this go just because they are getting a new demo.

We’ve noticed that a petition has already been set up over the last few days, asking Ubisoft to release the Wii U version at the end of February as originally planned. So far, there is over 7,500 signatures amassed with just 2,500 needed to reach the first target.

We’ve also seen some user replies exploring the possibility on whether a lawsuit against Ubisoft for false advertising is with merit or not. It seems a little drastic, but then again Ubisoft could have avoided all of the mess by just sticking to their release schedule for the Wii U version, regardless of whether they aim to bring the game to Xbox 360 and PS3 or not.

What are your feelings towards Ubisoft now, having seen events unfold over the last few days. Are you still livid that Rayman Legends is being held back on the Wii U to push other versions for the extra cash? How will this affect Ubisoft and Nintendo’s relationship moving forward in the future of the console?



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