PS Vita 4G model with sly price cut rumors in 2013

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2013

It’s fair to say that the PS Vita is in need of some more TLC by Sony throughout 2013. The system has amazing potential thanks to its impressive hardware features out of the box, but so far only a handful of developers have managed to produce games that are actually worth buying. While new games are obviously on the way this year to improve on this specific aspect, many consumers are still waiting for a main PS Vita price cut in 2013 before they even consider picking one up ahead of new handheld alternatives due on the market soon.

At the moment, the PS Vita remains at $249 for the WiFi version and $299 for the 3G model, with the latter proving to be almost a pointless purchase for various reasons. With the majority of new smartphones now touting 4G LTE capabilities, it is no surprise to hear new rumors that Sony may be planning to drop a 4G version of the PS Vita to replace the 3G model.

A 4G PS Vita with its faster data processing abilities may tempt users into a purchase over 3G, although there’s still the main argument that mobile data is really not needed with thousands of Mobile Hotspots already available worldwide which provides users with sufficient access to a WiFi connection.

The twist to all of this, is that an arrival of a 4G model may double up as a PS Vita price cut as well. Whispers have emerged claiming that the 4G model will move to the existing 3G model price point of $299, while the WiFi version will remain the same at $249. It goes without saying that this isn’t the price cut that everyone would have wanted to see, as the $249 WiFi price is the figure that consumers are really waiting to see drop.

If Sony are really planning to pull such a stunt, then they really need to make that 4G version appealing as it definitely hasn’t worked so far with the 3G model. Let us know your thoughts on a potential 4G version of the PS Vita and whether you would be interested in buying one or not.

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  • Who carries these things to work and back anyway. Only use @ home with WiFI. With price cut will come cheaper nastier materials.

  • unless it has a UMD drive, i will not be getting a vita.

  • gadgetfreaksta

    Maybe 199 for wifi model and 249 for 4g

  • My 3g comes in handy when I need it. I dont own a cell and my PS Vita works as a cell when I need it to. Cheapest phone plan you can find is Skype. I would upgrade my 3g for a 4g.

  • schrodinger_cat

    Who needs this 3G/4G on the game console? NO ONE It’s not phone, it’s not tablet

    Sony, just go $200 for Wi-Fi and throw away 3G/4G nonsense

    And bundle it with descent memory card

    • True. and if u have a Phone just Hotspot connect your Vita to it, anybody nowdays has at least 2GB of data with his Service Provider.

  • I don’t think sony is that stupid not to do an actual price cut. They know they would get their ass kicked by gamers world wide if they tried that. I Think what will happen is 4g replaces 3g same price $299. Wifi drops to $230 or $200 along with a new bundle.

  • Yash

    It would be great if the vita comes in the 4g model…THE PS VITA 2 ! 😀

    • shin

      nonono there will be no psvita 2 for a long time