OLED iPhone plausible, so is iPad and Apple branded TV

There has been a lot of talk in regards to an Apple branded TV and while most of what we have discussed in the past is mere speculation, a recent position being filled at Apple has raised a few eyebrows as to the implication of what this might mean. The reason we say this is because a former LG engineer that used to work on their AMOLED TVs has filled the new job.

While it’s easy to start assuming that this is yet another sign that we could see the much-rumored Apple branded TV, it’s interesting to see that this could be an OLED model. However, we feel that it is more plausible that engineer, James (Jueng-Gil) Lee, might have been drafted in to work on an OLED iPhone and iPad instead.

The reason we say this is because if Apple wanted to enter the lucrative television market then they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they release an OLED TV, as this would prove that Apple are still intent on alienating those with limited budgets. Apple has seen with the likes of Samsung that consumers want value for money, so an OLED Apple TV would be a huge mistake.

We already know that Apple has been looking into different screen technologies to replace their current iOS devices, and this is sure to add fuel to those speculations. It’s also been suggested that Apple could release an OLED Mac as well, but we cannot see this happening because they have recently updated their iMac and MacBook Pro range to Retina displays.

iPhone 6 with OLED: Like we said above its more plausible that a future iPhone could make use of OLED because this could help improve contrast levels and also increase battery life, but what do you think?



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