iOS 6.1.1 is iPhone 4S specific, Maps update now in 6.2

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Towards the end of last week Vodafone sent out a message to all their customers with an iPhone 4S that they should hold off updating to 6.1 because issue with 3G and also certain performance issues. Thankfully these have now been resolved with the release of iOS 6.1.1, but there seems to be some confusion.

The reason we say this because Apple had said that iOS 6.1.1 was going to offer updates to the Maps app for Japan. However, we are now being told that this will be put back and included in iOS 6.2. It does seem strange how Apple has been quick to resolve the 4S issues when it’s clear that there are still problems with the iPhone 5.

We had hoped that this latest iOS update was going to be made available for the iPhone 5 as well, so being shunned like this is not going to sit well with those who are still experiencing Wi-Fi, battery and other issues with their iPhone 5.

Having said that, iPhone 4S owners have also been experiencing issues with their battery, in some cases these handsets have been running a little on the hot side, which is why we find it strange that there is no mention of this in iOS 6.1.1.

We have now downloaded and installed the update on my wife’s iPhone 4S and had no trouble at all. However, we have heard reports that some users have had issues, with one reporting that the update caused their 4S to brick itself. Have you had any issues with iOS 6.1.1?

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  • Annoyed

    My 32Gb 4S has just bricked itself. Phone works but will not charge or sync. Can’t revert the upgrade, and the battery is dying fast.

  • Jason C

    No problem for me everything went fine, quicker than usuall actually to install. Everything is still good on my phone an hour later

  • tkmycall

    Mine bricked – 32GB 4s – stopped loading the update about a quarter of the way through the install – then the screen went grey.