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BlackBerry Z10 available on US carrier today, price mystifies

Having already reported that those desperate enough to get their hands on BlackBerry’s latest smartphone early in the US had to pay up to $1500 for the privilege, you will be pleased to know that a US carrier has made the BlackBerry Z10 available today. However, the price mystifies us a little, and shows that potential buyers could be sucked in.

The US release of the BlackBerry Z10 is not on the big four, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon; no it’s on Solavei. Okay, so this is not the news that you would have wanted to hear, but at least you do have the opportunity to get the Z10 early in the US.

When one of the big four releases the Z10 we expect the price to be in the region of several hundred dollars on a two-year contract. However, with Solavei you will have to pay for the privilege of getting the Z10 early, because you are expected to part with $999. However, this has got to be an unsubsidized price.

Solavei are looking to take advantage of people who will pay a stupid amount of money to get the Z10 early in the US, but should we blame them? We say this because the carrier is not forcing you to purchase the handset, although they are making it a tempting offer for those who feel the need to get a Z10 in the US before next month.

Personally we would advise you to wait until a real US carrier releases the Blackberry Z10, which has been getting a great reaction in the UK, so should do very well in the US.



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