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Samsung Galaxy S4 could utilize AirView without S-Pen

With all the talk about the upcoming Galaxy S4 concentrating on its release date, internal improvements and also its form-factor, Samsung could surprise us with the display on their next flagship handset. Okay, so we know that it could come with a larger display, as well as Full HD 1080p. However, there’s now speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could reduce the need for screen protectors as it could utilize AirView without using an S-Pen.

There have been several rumors to suggest that the S3 successor would get an S-pen, but this latest story seems to refute that suggestion. The idea of being able to float your finger above the screen of a smartphone is nothing new because the Sony Xperia Sola used something similar. However, Samsung could come along and make it a more widely used feature.

If we are to believe this then Samsung could make the system so much better by including multitouch, so even if you have gloves on you can still use your Galaxy S4 – well that’s the hope anyway.

You can already hover over the Galaxy Note 2 thanks to the S-pen, but the ability to do this without the need for using a stylus would be so much better. Okay so the idea of this tech will certainly get a mixed reaction, but just think about the idea of a Galaxy S4 that could have far less fingerprints on it?

The release date rumors for the Galaxy S4 are becoming more frequent now, as a March reveal is looking even more likely, with a release the following month, which would make it a month earlier than the S3 last year, unless you live in the US that is, as they may have to wait a little longer like last time.



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