iOS 7 new features and UI changes

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Apple recently released an updated version of their iOS software and are already hard at work on 6.1.1. However, us iPhone and iPad users have already lost interest in these updates because they are only minor and don’t really offer up anything new. Instead we are now looking ahead to iOS 7 new features, and no doubt Apple be as well.

There are so many things that Apple need to do in order to make this a radical update, and we now start to wonder what those new iOS 7 features will be and the UI changes, as the current version is starting to look a little dated. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy with iOS overall, but it’s about time that there was a major revamp.

iOS 6 was promised to be a massive improvement over its predecessor, but the final result was a less than stable OS along with their Maps app that was less than perfect – well pretty terrible if we’re being honest. While Android users would have you believe that Apple is flogging a dead horse when is comes to their mobile OS, we should never underestimate the Cupertino company because they have a knack of knocking it out of the park when they get it right.

In order to do that there are several features that needs to be addressed, the first of which is allowing users to choose their own default apps. This to us seems a simple idea because it gives you more control. However, we can’t see Apple doing this because we know how much in control they like to be.

We have already suggested the idea of making Siri much smarter, and that Apple may have already started this knowing that iOS 7 could already be in testing.

A new look is very important because the UI has remained stagnant, unlike their Mac OS, which has received several makeovers in recent years. The current iOS UI has seen better days so who knows, Apple could surprise us. Check out the video below of an iOS 7 UI concept video, we’d love to know what you think.

With Scott Forstall no longer working on iOS there is a consensus that the iOS 7 UI will see a huge revamp thanks to a greater insight from Ive, well that is the hope of members of the iMore Forums. One thing that interested us is the idea that Apple could take some of the good features from jailbreaking and include them to iOS 7, as this could be one way to counter jailbroken devices.

Other requested feature changes would be to add animation settings to icons, but being able to personalize the entire theme would be one of the best features added to iOS 7. These are just a few ideas, so how about sharing some of yours in the comments section below.

Personally we feel that iOS 7 will be pretty much the same and we will not see a major overhaul until iOS 8. The reason we say this is becasue if we are to follow Apple’s product cycle then they will release the iPhone 5S later this year, so it’s highly unlike that Apple would feature a huge change to their iOS on a refresh only iPhone.

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  • Mike

    They should include:-

    •Camera tweak

  • tomo008866

    The UI shouldn’t be changed, but improved. Users should be able to resize home screen icons, and drop widgets on the home screen. We should also see improved home screen functionality. We should also be given a few theme options from Apple, for example, we could have a theme that makes home screen icons square instead of round.

    I’d also like the ability to select default apps (like Chrome as the default web browser instead of Safari, etc.), and to be able to remove certain apps from the home screen, like being able to disable them from within settings.

  • Beth

    I definitely think Apple need to work on the iMessage group conversations. They tend to cause phones to freeze often with any more than 3 people in a conversation.
    A good feature to add to an iMessage conversation would be the ability to view all media which has been sent in that chat, whether it be between 2, 3, 4 etc people, similar to how you can on whatsapp.
    Other than that I think Harbmaster’s idea of a launch pad is great, that would definitely improve the mess of apple’s own apps which never get touched on the homescreen.
    Hopefully the next update may not cause such a battery drain for the phones, particularly as ios6 has practicall destroyed my 4S, but that may just be wishful thinking.
    Highly anticipating this update!

  • Anthony Tarantino

    Apple should expand the amount of apps that can go into folders. Currently, you can only put 12 apps in a folder, but what if I have 50 games I want to bunch together? Also, we should have an option to sort apps automatically (by size, type, name, etc.).

    The iTunes and App Store should be merged into a single storefront, like how the PC/Mac software is.

    We should be able to message our GameCenter friends from within the app. PSN and Xbox Live allow you to message friends directly, so why doesn’t GameCenter allow messaging?

  • iraeise

    The best thing they could do is make FLASH work on our devices.
    Let it be an optional feature that you have to click that you understand it will degrade speed and burn up battery faster, but let that be OUR CHOICE.

    • Anthony Tarantino

      Flash is dead. Everyone is using HTML5 now.

    • Mugface

      well if you wanted flash or a normal phone you shouldnt have got an iPhone

    • dialogueanalog

      Even Adobe has stopped developing flash for mobile phones. Andoird is abandoning it. Why would you put in a dying plug in

  • Ray

    Why would Apple release a iPhone 5S is the iPhone 5 already has Siri? Remember the S stands for SIRI, in which anything after 4S has, so iPhone 5S would be stupid.

    • iAm

      actually…, “S” means “speed”. remember the iPhone 3GS?

    • Big Dave

      iAm is right Ray. The “s” in 3GS stood for speed. “s” in 4S was “Siri” as confirmed by Tim Cook in an interview. I so think the next version will be a 5S. Whether the “s” means speed, small, supersized, we will wait and see.

  • Real Red Mist

    Two must have things:
    1) Yes, allow me to choose what icons I want to see on my phone. Let me decide if I should be able to move the lame newstand icon to say a media folder should I so choose. Why I can’t I’ll never know.

    2) Can we please get a native distribution list with the default email application? Would it be that hard to give us a distribution list functionality? Honestly! Why do i have to hand pick the names of the 10 or 12 people (every stinking time) i want to send a group email?

    That be good for me.

  • Harbmaster

    I really hope the UI isn’t changed just given more features to give it a more Mac like feel. I really think we need mission control and launch pad. I’d like to see that double clicking the home button brings up mission control style of view for all running apps. I would like to see launch pad as a way of showing all of our apps on the phone. Instead of placing them on the home screen. That way we only use the home screen for what apps we really want and can hide ones we don’t want instead of the clutter. I guess it would make the home screens of the phone with all the apps show when you invoke launch pad and than when you dismiss launch pad the only apps showing are the ones you placed in the main home screens as essential. I think this like make everything so much easier in everyone. I’d really like to see the banner notification change, if the user permits, to show the notification in the status bar. I’d like some themeing that way I can cha be the bubbles of the message app and the scheme if the phone app and skin of the keyboard. Apple should create a theme creator app in the App Store designed so we can customize our phones.

    Aside from the UI I think the contacts app should change into a social app covering all people and the affiliated social networks

    Icloud photo albums betwee. Idevice and the albums stay permanent on the computer than way we don’t have to organize our photos.

    Maybe the music app and iTunes all should integrate like on the Mac.

    No widgets or quick reply

    Photos app integrate with the social network so we can handle our photos and comment on our photos along with upload our photos with albums created in the photos app( currently you can upload photos but you cannot create an album to upload your photos to).