Xbox 720 codes over Live to block used games

By Alan Ng - Feb 7, 2013

Sony’s upcoming PS4 console is looking likely to be unveiled at a Sony press conference on February 20. So far we have seen no such events planned for the next Xbox console from Microsoft, but it is also highly expected to be releasing before the end of the year. A massive report has been published on the supposed Xbox ‘720’ this week, although fans may not particularly enjoy the permutations of it, especially since it is now being considered as fact, that the next Xbox will not play used games as a core feature.

We have heard rumors in the past about both next-gen consoles not featuring support for used games, and now it seems that Microsoft are definitely putting this motion into action with the next Xbox. A new article published by Edge cites sources who have already seen the new console and they claim that the system will have an always-on online requirement, with discs having to be activated via Xbox Live before they start functioning.

It potentially means that even if you buy a single player game on the next-gen Xbox, you’ll still need an internet connection to play the game – a move that is unlikely to go down well with those interested in purchasing the new Xbox. With second-hand games completely out of the equation, Microsoft are reportedly planning to place a bigger emphasis on digital games via Xbox Live, although all physical discs are thought to be supplied via 50GB Blu-Ray format.

We always thought it was going to be a bold move if Sony and Microsoft actually follow through with the idea to block used-games, but in Microsoft’s situation – can you blame them? A good majority of Xbox 360 users are running chipped systems and games downloaded from torrent sites. It’s an unbelievably easy process to start pirating on the Xbox 360 and it will be no surprise to us if Microsoft take strict action to eradicate the problem for good.

Xbox 720 discs may now come with an activation code inside the box that can only be enabled via Xbox Live. What are your thoughts on this, if it becomes a reality towards the end of the year?

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  • Nevin

    “A good majority of Xbox 360 users are running chipped systems and games downloaded from torrent sites.”

    Define a good a good majority, and your source. This is so baseless.

  • Adam “NovaC0re” Persson

    Well, i simply have to keep my Xbox 360 to play games like skyrim i guess.

  • Jaime Ruiz

    This sucks too many people share games amungst them selfs and there could be other precaustions to prevent pirating like firmware scans that would greatly get rid of alot of pirated systems :/

  • David Roberts

    Well I believe a move like that would certainly increase the amount of end users making software and hardware modifications to their consoles.

  • sxs

    And this will prove what??? Mircosoft and Sony playing god again…..Most of the lesser titles go for peanuts after a few weeks anyway, and the blockbusters normally brought brand new. I sometimes buy second hand when bored of what i got, (normally old crap) but sometimes stumble upon something i like, then buy their new releases new.

    Doing this is will just piss people off, and stop people taking a punt on something they normally wouldnt touch. Then whos gonna suffer..? the new lesser game developers.

    PC gaming is looking more and more appealing i d say for the odd 1 or 2 decent games a year. Gaming is getting boring now anyway, let them kill it dead, fresh air and outdoors is all the trend this year…… muppets

  • Ryokai

    If Microsoft goes ahead with this then games need to come down in price too. Stupid idea to even consider this.

  • So now my Gamefly account would be useless with the Xbox…not a good idea Microsoft!

  • noel beale

    This is a complete deal breaker for me. If the Xbox 720 comes out with an “always connected” requirement, the 360 will be my last Xbox.

  • Danny Dodge

    The only way to end piracy is to reduce prices, sell game disks for £20 a pip and they will fly off the shelves, sell them for £55 for a single shiny piece of plastic and this “peaceful protest” (which in both the US and UK we have the right to do) will just get worse and worse. I will not buy a console where I cannot get games for less than half a tonne (£50), just like I wouldn’t buy a car that cost £50 a litre to run on fuel.

    • David Roberts

      As a software engineer myself, I can tell you that will not end piracy, even if a game was a mere euro a pop. Nothing will end piracy, and I support ‘pirates’ to do as they do, because most of them end up buying a game that they like.

      Even if a pirate does not like the game, well they were never going to buy it in the first place.

      Additionally truth be told 60$ is not very much money considering the insane amount of money the developer has to earn to even make minor profits.

  • pikeing

    Only way I can buy games is secondhand with the price of them.why don’t Microsoft sort out these people who chip there xboxs and leave user who pay honest cash for secondhand games they are doing nothing wrong its the way it as always worked

  • someone

    The next-gen console can eat my bricks if they even consider putting these ridiculous restrictions in place.

  • the problem with this is if someone doesnt have internet cant use a xbox 720 but what will happen with xbox 360 game discs? will the 720 still play them because if i get a 720 ill still want to be able to play GTA V on it but its a 360 game not 720