Sony PS4 price from Japanese publication

Another day and another Sony PS4 rumor. The information just keeps on coming over the past week or so to the point where it is almost inevitable that Sony will unveil their next-generation PlayStation 4 console at their event in New York on February 20. Now a Japanese publication has gone on record to say that Sony’s next console will be releasing in 2013 and that it could be priced at over $400 US.

We have been hearing about potential features for the PS4 lately, such as a sharing button on the controller, but not too many details on the actual price of the console. That has all changed now though, as a Japanese newspaper called Asahi Shimbun has said that the PS4 will be priced at over 40,000 Japanese Yen.

Although we can never take in account direct currency conversions, this translates to almost $430 USD – which would be significantly cheaper than the original and whopping $599 price tag that was attached to the 60GB PS3 fat model back in 2006. Considering the hardware upgrades that is expected to come with the PS4, we have a feeling that a $400-450 price point for the new console will be a fair outcome for consumers who originally paid full price for the old PS3 at launch.

One word of warning though, is that the newspaper made no mention of a European PS4 release in 2013. They specifically said that the PS4 would be out in 2013 for US and Japanese markets only, meaning that EU consumers may be set for a huge disappointment and a potential wait until 2014 to get their hands on the console.

Would it be a big mistake if Sony do not commit to a EU PS4 release in 2014? More importantly – would you consider importing a console in order to get one at the first opportunity? Nothing is set in stone yet remember, but we would be very happy with a $400-450 price point. Let us know your thoughts on this as we wait for the big event to arrive.



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