Skyrim PC graphics enhanced with 2013 free update

We have some excellent news for those of you who play Skyrim on a PC now. After releasing the highly anticipated Dragonborn DLC expansion on Steam, Bethesda has now made a surprise update to the official HD textures pack. Users playing the supposed ‘lead platform’ of the game will now be able to benefit from a graphics boost when playing the Dragonborn, Hearthfire or Dawnguard content in the game.

Considering that the original HD textures pack was first released a year ago, this is a very surprising move by Bethesda, but obviously a very pleasing one as well. The HD texture pack is only available for PC players and an official improvement to graphics will only boost the game’s credentials even further, on top of any other graphical enhancements you may have in place via the Steam Workshop and countless other mods.

It goes without saying though that you’ll need to be running a system with decent hardware specifications, otherwise you may run into some memory problems. Bethesda has even warned that running the HD texture pack will even surpass their recommended specs for the game, so bear that in mind if you are attempting to install this with a below-par graphics card.

If you already have the original HD texture pack installed, then the update will be around 1.5GB that is needed to download. However, if you are trying the pack for the very first time, then be prepared for a whopping 4.7GB install that will take several hours to complete. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some comparison screenshots soon, showing the graphics before the update and after.

It’s a lovely bonus for those that have just purchased Dragonborn though. If you have the update already, let us know your opinions on the level of difference that the improved graphics bring.



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