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Radical iPad 5 realized in renderings against siblings

The likelihood of the 5th-generation iPad being released next month is slim to none, but that still doesn’t stop the speculation. There has already been speculation that the next model will be very similar to the iPad mini, as it’s expected to have a much thinner bezel, which we have to say is a pretty good idea when you think of its practicality.

In the image above is the iPad 4 to the left, the proposed iPad 5 in the center and the iPad mini to the right.

Thanks to Mac Rumors they have commissioned a design company to show us what we could expect, and so we’re happy to see that the Radical iPad 5 is finally realized thanks to a selection of renderings next to the iPad mini and the iPhone 5.

These images were not created on a whim; they took the recent leaked enclosure of the rumored iPad 5 into consideration, and from what we can see above and also the other renderings from the source they’re pretty impressive. If those recent enclosures were in fact the real deal then these images are a true representation of what we can expect to see from Apple when they unveil their next iPad, which we expect will be October.

You’ll see that the iPad 5 could be 4mm shorter and 17mm narrow if it were to do away with the bezel, because there is currently a lot of wasted space on the current iPad. The way that Apple is expected to achieve this is by making several changes internally, with the major one being their display technology. Are you happy with how the design of the iPad 5 could end up?



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