Microsoft hints Surface Pro battery cover, no dock

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Microsoft are doing their best to spread the word ahead of the Surface Pro release, and thought that the perfect platform would be to do a Reddit AMA. One of the main topics of conversation was the storage and battery issues, which could prove the deciding factor with consumers. Microsoft has also been teasing us about upcoming accessories.

One such Surface Pro accessory could be a cover that acts as a battery pack, which would mean that you get far more life from the device. While this is a great idea to improve the Surface Pro battery life, it’s just going to make it a more confusing product. Currently the Pro is said to feel like a tablet in the hand but a lot lighter and easier to carry than a laptop. By bringing a heavier cover into the equation some consumers may ask why they would want this when they could go with an ultrabook instead?

Having said that something needs to be done, because several tests have shown that the Surface Pro battery is only good for a couple of hours, so the battery cover pack might appeal to some Pro owners.

There’s also been some talk about the extra connectors on the Pro, with some people suggesting that there could be an official Surface Pro dock. However, Microsoft has said that they currently have no plans for a first-party dock, which means we could see several third-party Pro docks in the not too distant future.

As for the issue with storage and how the installed software takes up a good chunk of it, it does seem as though Microsoft are trying to push external storage options, which does seem a little strange. See the discussion here.

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  • tomcruise

    seriously, stop spreading such manipulative info. Storage: Unlimited, limited only by the number of SD cards you own, you can even move the recovery data to a USB thumb drive to free up a ton of space. Battery life: in context it is a laptop as a tablet, with all the benefits that brings with the obvious trade off, and its not a “couple” hours, its 4-6. Which is even more than a “few”. Perhaps full disclosure is applicable here. Ie: the author of this article has taken the oath of fealty at the alter of Apple and wrote this piece on the latest Apple toy making it possibly a little biased. Microsoft gets an undeserved bad rap. I thought the closer to a laptop a tablet got the better! Unless its Microsoft apparently, then its terrible? I call shenanigans. (full disclosure: I wrote this on my HTC windows 8 phone, which I like a whole bunch)