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McLaren P1 gauge cluster teased, interior footage desperation

While it may be strange to you and I that the McLaren P1 will not be unveiled at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show today, it’s nice to see that the Woking based squad has teased us a little more with a video of the McLaren P1 gauge cluster. However, all this has done is left us wanting more because we are not only craving details on the interior, but the rest of the supercar (or hypercar) as well.

Looking at the video you’ll get to see the digital instrument cluster while set on Race mode, and like the C7 Corvette Stingray will be configurable, although pretty certain Race mode will be the most desired setting. F1 fans will notice that the LED lights at the top mimics those found at the top of the Mclaren F1 race care steering wheel, so lets you know when it’s time to shift.

However, you have to wonder if this is a pointless feature because the P1 is an automatic only transmission. Some race faces will say that this is the way of the future, while the purists would disagree – where do you stand?

One thing we do know, we are desperate to see more, but you’ll have to wait until next months Geneva Motor Show. We have to wonder how much success McLaren will have with the P1 in the US, because launching the hypercar at one of their auto shows first would have been a better option? The McLaren will go head to head with the Ferrari Enzo successor F150/F70.



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