Vauxhall Adam Rocks CUV, MINI rival with Fiat 500C inspiration

While there are several auto shows ahead of the one being held in Geneva, we can’t help mention a new concept that will make its debut during the Geneva Auto Show next month. The vehicle in question is the Vauxhall Adam Rocks, which is a concept CUV that will be ready to take on the MINI Countryman.

Just by looking at the drawing above thanks to a recent press release, you’ll see that the Adam Rocks, or Opel for the European version has taken some inspiration from the Fiat 500C with its semi convertible roof. This new version of the concept vehicle is different because it has a 15mm higher ground clearance, and although it isn’t much, it’s enough to fulfill a purpose.

We’ve never bought into the crossover market because it’s a little like the Microsoft Surface Pro, it doesn’t know what it wants to be. To us a crossover vehicle with plastic cladding stuck to the sides and the front and rear bumpers just cheapens the standard version.

That’s not saying that there isn’t a market for these vehicles, it’s just we cannot see the point; either you want an SUV for going on and off road, or you want a saloon, sedan etc. What’s the point of a CUV when the ground clearance isn’t that great and would take no time to become bogged down?

Anyway the Vauxhall/Opel Adam Rocks CUV will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in a month’s time, but don’t expect the vehicle to enter production anytime soon.



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