Unwarranted Tesla Model S vs. Chevy Volt video

We love a good drag race like the next guy just to see which vehicle is the quickest to get to the end of the strip. However, we feel that the recent Tesla Model S vs. Chevy Volt drag race video was unwarranted, as it was always obvious which vehicle was going to take the win. Having said that, it’s still fun to watch.

It’s a sad day when you see a car with such an iconic name being the underdog, but the Chevrolet Volt was always going to come out the loser. These type of videos are ideal when you have a conventional engine powering a car, but showing how much slower the Volt is when compared to the Model S is certainly a way to put consumers off from purchasing an electric vehicle.

Having said that, if you are a driver expecting great performance from the Chevy Volt then you really need to do your homework, as this EV is not about its performance but rather its efficiency.

When watching the video it did look as though the Volt got a good start, but the moment the Tesla Model S gained traction it was able to pull away and finish the quarter mile in 12.562 seconds, while reaching a top speed of 108.34 miles per hour. The Volt did it in 17.201 seconds and managed to reach a top speed of 80.36 mph.

Maybe the next test should be how the Tesla Model S and Chevy Volt compare in everyday use because the Volt would surly get the win then?



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