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Siri for Mac OS X 10.9 rumor reinforced

When Apple first announced Siri we believed that it would be the best thing to come from the company in years, and for the first few weeks it was. However, as time has gone on several issues have arisen, such as the fact that it was seen as a novelty because of its limitations. Thankfully there have been several updates to make this tool even better, and for the most part Apple has been successful, although we hope to see major advancements with iOS 7.

Knowing that Apple is fully behind Siri there has been talk in the past that the service will be making its way to the desktop, and a recent job listing for Siri for Mac OS X 10.9 has reinforced this rumor. Having a personal assistant on an iMac or even a MacBook Air and Pro would be a logical step because the potential would be far greater than it is on an iOS device, although it is far easier to type on a Mac.

In the job listing seen here it’s clear to see that Apple is looking for a Siri UI Engineer and there are several indications that it will be to migrate the service into OS X, so it’s not a question of if it will happen but when.

Several readers have said in the past that Siri would only work on a 2013 iMac because of hardware limitations, but how can this be true if Apple can get Siri to work on iOS devices with less powerful hardware?

There’s also the question if Siri is actually useful at all because as I said above, it’s something that is not used anymore?



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