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Nexus 4 makers LG next-gen unveil at MWC

While LG may be having great success with their Nexus 4 (a joint venture with Google) they know that they cannot put all their eggs in one basket, so it’s no surprise that they have recently announced that they are to unveil their range of next-gen smartphones at MWC later this month.

LG is making a huge deal out of this and have even teased an image on Facebook, which says, “New series will be unveiled” and that’s it. They are not giving anything away just yet, although this could change as we get closer to the Mobile World Congress.

While we’d love to see LG announce their Nexus 4 2nd-generation, this isn’t likely to happen for sometime yet – well they cannot even keep up with stock of the current model let alone bring out a new version. Having said that, this hasn’t stopped speculation as to what LG is likely to show off.

Tech Crunch believe that we could see the LG Optimus G Pro, which is said to offer a 5-inch Full HD 1080p display, similar to the rumored Galaxy S4 then. However, there has also been another suggestion, and that’s the reincarnation of the Chocolate line, now how cool would that be?

Whatever happens we should expect LG to bring out the next big thing, something that other phone makers will be envious of – well that’s the hope anyway. If LG intro something pretty decent then you’ll know when all four US carriers want in.



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