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Next Generation BlackBerry 10 devices and budget Z10 in works

While it may have seemed a strange decision for the UK to see the release of the BlackBerry Z10 handset before the likes of Canada and the US, it’s good to know that Canadian consumers and business users can finally see if this BB10 device has what it takes to keep up with rival products.

For those who feel that the Z10 is not for them because of varying factors such as price, you’ll be pleased to learn that the next generation of Blackberry 10 devices are already in R&D, and these will also include a budget range for those with less disposal income.

There’s currently no information in the report as to what the 2013 BB10 lineup will include, although we already know that the Q10 will be with us in several months, or 1 month for those of you in the UK.

Knowing that there are to be more affordable BlackBerry 10 handsets this year is a good sign that the company is serious about trying to make a comeback, as they have lost out over the years to a number of phone makers. There is a fear that porting BB10 apps to handsets with different display sizes will be a bit of an issue, but it’s not according to BlackBerry’s VP of developer relations.

Who knows maybe in a few months we could see new Blackberry 10 devices being spotted in the wild, and we just hope that they are able to innovate while keeping prices down at the same time?

Why has the UK got the Z10 first? We have tow theories on this, the first is that the UK market are the guinea pigs and that any flaws found in the software or hardware will be rectified before the US release. Then again BlackBerry might have delayed its release just so those in the US and other markets will be so desperate to get their hands on the Z10 because of having to wait so long?



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