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Misconception of porting Blackberry Z10 apps to Q10 explained

When BlackBerry unveiled their Z10 handset to the world last week there would have been several app developers concerned that they would have a tough time trying to port BlackBerry Z10 apps to the Q10. The reason for their fears is because the former smartphone has a 4.2-inch rectangle display, whereas the latter has a 3.1-inch square display.

However, in a recent interview, Alec Saunders, BlackBerry’s VP of developer relations said that it is a misconception that it would be hard to port Z10 apps to Q10 devices, after he was asked what are the problems and challenges of such a task.

He says in the video that it is a very simple process because BB10 was designed to tell the difference between different resolutions. He believes that a developer can make the port quickly because they have given BlackBerry 10 app developers a number of tools to make this as painless as possible.

Following that he was then asked what kind of apps are we likely to see to take full advantage of BlackBerry 10, and he believes that we should see more apps that take advantage of the notification and social framework along with many other aspects of the mobile OS.

It is the hope that these apps will eventually become an extension of BB 10 itself, but that’s saying that these developers have faith in BlackBerry 10 and these two new handset. However, if early UK sales are anything to go by and the backing of Stephen Fry, hen the A10 is already off to a decent start.



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