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iPhone 5 battery lifesaver with Mophie juice pack

If you have been praying for a Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 5 since launch, it appears that those prayers are now being answered. The company has just announced the Mophie Juice Pack Helium for the iPhone 5 and it is now available for purchase on their official website. There’s even a promo video as well which demonstrates the emphasis on lightness that has been improved compared to the previous generation of Juice Packs.

Juice Packs for Android phones have become a lifesaver for many consumers and now iPhone 5 owners can enjoy the same experience. The Helium pack is selling for $80 on the Mophie website and it claims to offer an 80% increase in battery life thanks to a 1500mAh capacity, on top of the 1440mAh battery that is equipped inside the iPhone 5 upon purchase.

Mophie claims that new materials have been used to make the Helium Juice Pack 13% thinner than any previous cases from the company. It certainly looks very appealing from the promo video below and we’re guessing a lot of you who have been experiencing battery life problems on the iPhone 5 will be very interested in picking one up.

Some additional details on the Mophie website confirm that the extra power will offer an additional 6 hours of 3G time, 6 hours on LTE and a further 7 hours when using WiFi. Music lovers will be pleased to hear that the pack offers a whopping 30 hours of listening time, while you can also cram in 3 full movies as well with 7 hours of video playback time.

Would you have no problems paying $80 for this? Mophie certainly has a good reputation on their previous Juice Packs so let us know if you are now considering getting one. We have a feeling they will be hit by high demand so act now if you want to snap one up.



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