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New iOS 6.1.1 features maps overhaul

Apple seems to be upping their game because they recently made several improvements with some new iOS 6.1 features, although they were not that extensive. However, this will soon change because the new iOS 6.1.1 features an Apple Maps overhaul, but don’t get too excited just yet because they will only apply to Japan for the time being.

iOS 6.1.1 beta is now live and ready for download, so developers can start to have a play to see what new enhancements there will be. While the rest of us will be a little upset that this latest update will not bring a great deal of new features to other countries outside Japan, there are bound to be a few – just hope the issues with iOS 6.1 will be resolved?

Looking over the improvements for Apple Maps that come with iOS 6.1.1, pronunciation of roads will be one improvement, as will turn-by-turn navigation on toll roads, more 3D buildings and much more, which can be viewed in detail here.

For those of you who live outside of Japan then try not to feel too disappointed because a recent job listing shows that there will be future iOS Maps improvements, although we have no timescale as yet. Some of the features that will be improved are displaying maps in real-time, visuals of 3D flyovers and more.

What improvements would you like to see made to iOS Maps as well as the OS itself?



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