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Inventive iPhone patent could eliminate battery problems

There’s no denying that the technology in cell phones has improved at an alarming rate, but the batteries that help to power them seems to be moving at a snails pace. The latest batch of smartphones is not only faster but also thinner as well, which means that there has to be compromises when choosing what battery needs to be integrated.

One of the worst offenders is the iPhone because over the years Apple has struggled to get the balance right, often sacrificing battery life in order to maintain a specific form factor. However, things could be about to change if we are to believe that Apple would act on a patent, because it could effetely do away with plugging the iPhone into a wall socket in order to charge the battery.

The recently granted Apple patent will integrate a solar panel behind the touch sensor, which means that all the time the handset receives light it will be charged. This is nothing like the solar power technology from those old calculators, because these cover a larger area, which you can read in detail over on Apple Insider.

We are sure that there will be some skeptics who would say that they keep their iPhone in their pocket most of the time, so such technology would be no use to them. However, for those who are at work and have their iPhone on a desk for most of the day then in theory it should be able to receive enough light to charge the battery, eliminating the need to charge it in the traditional way, or making it less frequent anyway.

Okay, so we don’t expect Apple to use this technology in the iPhone 5S or 6, but it could be integrated in a few years down the line – unless this is just another patent for Apple to cover themselves?



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