PS Vita Killzone AI precision from PS3 build

By Alan Ng - Feb 5, 2013

We have some more details on the upcoming Killzone Mercenary game for the PS Vita now and it is yet more good news. We previously showed you some fresh gameplay for the Guerilla developed shooter, but now we have have some further intel on just how close Mercenary is to the PS3 game Killzone 3.

As recently confirmed by Guerilla Games, Killzone Mercenary is due out on PS Vita on September 17. That is obviously a long time to wait until the game hits the shops and online, but the good thing to note is that it is easily looking like the best PS Vita FPS game to date after the not so good Unit 13 and Black Ops: Declassified titles.

One of the big talking points to come out of the early previews for the game, was that Killzone Mercenary is looking better than Uncharted Golden Abyss, which is currently one of the graphical benchmarks for Sony’s handheld. Now we have some further good news to bring you in the form of the computer AI, as Guerilla has revealed that they will be using the exact same Killzone AI as Killzone 3 on the PS3.

Guerilla has added that while there is some optimization in place on the Vita game, the AI is based precisely off Killzone 3 and that the graphics are also ‘comparable’ to the PS3 game released two years ago. As fans search for console quality games on the PS Vita, this is surely a big step in the right direction and the first signs that the Vita can definitely run these mould of games with ease.

The next step in our eyes is getting a Final Fantasy and GTA console game running on the system. Killzone Mercenary looks great so far though from what we have seen. Let us know if this will be an instant purchase for you when it comes out in September.

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  • gdub

    Uncharted golden abyss is not just the best game i played for vita its one of if not thee best gane i played period. Lets not put the benchmark at abyss but thia is a firat day buy regatdless

  • might convince me to buy a vita….

  • geddyboy

    Day 1 purchase definitely but a relief to hear about the AI they seemed completely irrelevent in gameplays shooting anything but the player.