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iPad mini 2 resolution and pixel density improvements

Like all new devices the first one is only to get a foot in the door to test the water and if a company is happy, then they will release a 2nd-generation model. This is the same with the iPad mini 2 because Apple knew that they never gave it the features that it deserved, but all this will change later this year, as we have just learned that the there will be resolution and pixel density improvements in the next model.

One of the biggest issues the current iPad mini has is with its display because 162ppi pixel density is poor when placed next to rival tablets of similar size. Many Apple fans assumed that the iPad mini would have come with a comparable display to the larger iPad, but instead were left a little disappointed.

It has come to light that Taiwan suppliers for Apple products have said that the next iPad mini will come with a screen resolution of 2,048 x 1,536, which is similar to the iPad 4 and four times that of the current iPad mini.

We recently reported that the iPad 5 will share design features as the iPad mini 2 because it will do away with the larger bezel and have a much thinner one instead.

Even though the iPad mini was Apple’s first 7-inch tablet, that still does not excuse the fact that they seem to always be playing catch-up with Android devices, and they cannot even say they do it better now because this certainly isn’t the case with the iPhone 5, which not only has dated hardware but also sub-par software as well.



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