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BlackBerry 10 malware prevention for apps

BlackBerry have made several changes to make certain that the Blackberry 10 OS has the best start for users, which is why they have made a huge effort in malware prevention for apps. The way they have gone about this is to appoint the help of Trend Micro to help keep BB’s 70,000 plus apps safe, or more so the users who have them installed on their phones.

All apps in Blackberry World will soon be scanned by using the Trend Micro Mobile Application Reputation Service, this not only applies to new apps but the current ones as well. While BlackBerry already has several security measures in place, this new application will work side-by-side with the others, which does show that BlackBerry are taking this seriously – although they have always been pretty hot on security.

This app could come in handy for Windows 7.8 devices with it’s current issue, as it will scan the behavior of handsets to see if the battery is draining for no reason, a good sign that there is something strange going on with an app. That’s not all, we’re also told in the Press Release that BlackBerry is to use another trend Micro service that will scan files, emails and URLs to see if they poise a security threat.

Would you sacrifice battery for security?
While this all sounds good this could have an adverse effect on battery life as well, because it will be an app that will be running in the background all the time. This could be an issue for the Blackberry Z10, because we recently reported that its battery was not as good as we had hoped.



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