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Three UK upgrades to 4G for free, LTE incoming

Last summer Three UK announced that they were to make 4G available and we can now inform you that those of you on any Three UK mobile plan will be upgraded to the faster service for free, which we are sure will be welcomed by their customers. While we know that LTE is incoming, we still have no specific date as to when the service will go live.

We don’t expect it to be much longer and knowing that you will not have to pay for the faster service is sure to bring new customers in their droves. It will not matter what Three plan you are on because all will include 4G – makes us laugh how the likes of O2 still struggle with 3G coverage.

The chief executive of Three UK said that they did not want to bring the new 4G service out and only make it available to those willing to pay more for the privilege, and it’s this kind of thinking that is making the network customer base grow at an alarming rate.

Having an LTE complaint handset will be a must but this will not be an issue for those about to purchase a new handset, as so many of them support LTE now, as well as several smartphones that already do. One has to wonder how O2 and Vodafone customers will react because they have only recently announced their move to 4G, although this is not expected for quite some time yet?



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