Skyrim PS3 Dawnguard release date ends painful saga

By Alan Ng - Feb 4, 2013

We knew that good news was on the way to PS3 Skyrim players soon and now Bethesda has finally come up with the goods. After confirming Dragonborn, Hearthfire and the infamous Dawnguard DLC expansion packs for Sony’s console, the developer has now provided official release dates for all three pieces of content. It is now going to be a very enjoyable month for PS3 gamers, especially with the bonus discount on top in place as well.

For those that are still not aware, each DLC pack on PS3 will be 50% off for the first week of release to make up for the painful delays and frustration that was endured throughout 2012. That means that Dragonborn and Dawnguard will be just $10 upon release and Hearthfire will cost next to nothing at just $2.5.

Bethesda has now announced releases dates for the three packs releasing on the US PlayStation Store, as they have said that they’re still waiting for final certification for a Europe release. For US gamers though, Dragonborn will be out first on February 12, followed by Hearthfire one week later on February 19.

The highly anticipated Dawnguard content which allows you to play as vampires and werewolves, will be out last on February 26. Hopefully there isn’t a problem with the UK releases for the content, and we’ll see each pack release during the same week as when the content lands on the US store. It goes without saying that it will be bad news if UK and other Skyrim PS3 owners in Europe have to wait until March for the content, but we don’t want to think about that just yet.

So there we have it – finally an end to the DLC saga on PS3. The attention will soon switch to the mystery Redguard DLC expansion and whether Bethesda will release it across all platforms or still keep it exclusive to Xbox 360. Let us know your thoughts on the US release dates for the content above and if you are hopeful on a PS3 release of Redguard as well.

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  • sotom446

    im still a little disapointed that it is still going to cost us $10 for dawngaurd, I mean HELLO we ps3 users have been waining for a year now i still say it should be free to ps3 users but the other DLC’s im fine with the priceing

  • Dan Smith

    You just got this news today? Been sitting on your hands again?

  • casper13rocks

    i reckon bethesda have a group sit in a room and try think of ways to get ps3 customers pist off all cetifacation on all release’s should of been compleated befor anything was released to xbox for there 30day exclusion period the fact they cant get a release date anounced for all ps3 customers out at same just proves beyond any dout that bethesda are nothing but a pack of useless unprofesionl c#%ts who have no right running a business

  • Yup screw over Europe why not I heard this is not Bethesda’s problem but Sony’s well I don’t care whose problem it is it needs sorted out as this saga has been a complete disgrace. I won’t even bother with buying all 3 of them now. I would have before but I’ve grown weary of this.