O2 problems again today following intermittent weekend

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Over the years the one mobile network in the UK to have the most issues seems to be O2, and yet myself like millions of others seems to accept this. In the past it hasn’t taken long for engineers to rectify this issue, but not his time. Yes there are O2 problems again today, although my signal has been intermittent all weekend.

It’s not just me but many people I know in my area, along with several readers as well. Having done the usual check on the O2 Status Page it had stated all over the weekend that there was an issue with a mast, and while today it shows that there are no such issues – why does my signal keep going and are unable to make calls?

When the signal did return and I was able to make calls, the quality of those calls was not that great. As I write this my iPhone 5 still shows no signal. Now could this be a more widespread issue or just in the one area of Kent, please share your comments with us below?

While this might not be as big an issue as we have seen in the past, it does highlight the poor service O2 customers get. Last November there was a huge outage that led to millions unable to use their phones, which led to thousands of people jumping ship and going over to rival networks.

I’ve considered this many times because another issue that O2 has is the fact that their 3G coverage is pretty bad to say the least. There are many occasions when I am unable to connect to 3G, while friends with me have no such issue with their Vodafone or Orange network. Is it now time that I moved on to pastures new?

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  • changing provider

    i am in france(with uk phone), i had problems as well!! was relying on maps to get around. obviously got lost and have been driving for hours!! useless company. Will change provider as this is not the first, second or third time this has happened recently and then they insult our intelligence by offering 10% off a months bill!!(approx £3.50) WOW!!! Agree with others. Stay clear of O2!!!!

  • Peter Jones

    O2 are the worst mobile network provider, there equipment is very dated and unable to cope. They are also in severe financial trouble and are therefore unable to upgrade equipment. DO NOT TAKE OUT A CONTRACT WITH THIS FAILING COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT!