Google X phone with monster storage to end competition

By Alan Ng - Feb 4, 2013

Sony, HTC and Samsung may have exciting Android phones on the way with the Xperia Z, M7 and Galaxy S4 respectively, but everyone is talking about Google’s next smartphone, which could be announced in partnership with Motorola under the ‘X’ Series. Both companies are obviously remaining silent on this possibility, but leaks are continuing to trickle out suggesting that this phone is definitely on the way in 2013.

Last week we informed you that Motorola had revealed a job listing on LinkedIN, which in turn revealed the fact that they were looking for a senior manager to oversee development on a ‘Motorola X’ device. That information has since vanished into thin air and further whispers have suggested that the device will be one of the big announcements to come at Google I/O 2013 in May.

Now we have some rather exciting information to share with you on potential storage of the elusive device, as details tipped by PhoneArena suggests that the Google X phone could have monster storage capabilities that would surely see off any competition in this category.

A massive 128GB of internal storage has been hinted for the device, and that is on top of extra memory that would be available via MicroSD slot. We all know that the Nexus 4 is amazing value for money when buying the device from the Play Store and now Google could be planning to lock down the storage area as well, by offering storage space that the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony cannot compete with.

If they still manage to keep costs reasonable, this could be a real game changer in the mobile industry as we have not seen a mainstream mobile phone come up with such a feat, if deemed to be true that is. The Google X is already getting people talking due to the inclusion of Android 5.0 Key Lime, but how does a Google/Moto device sound with 128GB of storage to play around with?

We wondered when smartphones would start to offer true ‘PC memory’ – will 2013 be this year?

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  • geek

    don’t know about leaving others behind. Remember reading a few months back that Samsung was mass producing 128g cards that we would see in phones this year

  • OrdinaryAmerican

    This could be the phone that forces AT&T to change pricing structure. Locked phones are a thing of the past. Why pay AT&T $85 monthly for minimal service, when MORE service is available for $45 on T-mobile, W/O contract?
    Without trying to be crude, I’ll bet the carriers crap when this phone hits the market.