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Flint mobile payment app takes on Square and PayPal

The idea of mobile payments has been around for a few years now and it is only over the last year that we’ve seen a number of smartphone users understand the benefits of using these services.

Square and PayPal do a good job of helping with mobile payments, but the Flint mobile payment app aims to improve on the current offering and make it much easier to pay for things via your smartphone and for businesses to accept mobile payments.

The innovation lies in using the iPhone camera and an image-recognition system, rather than the traditional magnetic card readers that most businesses use for mobile transactions.

Users don’t need to worry about privacy thanks to the app not taking a picture of your card, and instead just reads the numbers for processing the current payment.

Facebook is integrated directly into the Flint mobile payment app, which allows customers to leave feedback on a business page after using the service.

Take a look at the video below, which shows a demo of the Flint mobile payment system and how it can benefit a number of businesses. The free app can be found on iTunes here along with a full list of features.



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