Black Ops 2 tourney shamelessly ignores PS3, PC players

By Alan Ng - Feb 4, 2013

If you consider yourself to be something of a Black Ops 2 professional, April is going to be the time to put those words into actions. Activision has announced an official tournament for their latest shooter, with the Call of Duty Championship giving the chance for 32 teams to compete for a grand prize and mouth-watering sum of $1,000,000 combined.

As most of you know, Treyarch developed Black Ops 2 with the support for the eSports gaming league and now it looks like Activision are ready to stage their first big tournament to see how good players can really be in specific game modes and in a tournament environment with other players.

The COD Championship will take place between April 5 and April 7 in Hollywood and aside from ESL backing, the event is also going to be sponsored by Xbox 360 and Major League Gaming. The first step in gaining qualification to the tournament is to take part in the February Season on Black Ops 2, in which you’ll also need an Elite account so your stats are recorded.

If your 4-man team finishes in the top 8, you’ll earn a spot in the Championship tournament and be in with a chance of walking away with real cash for your efforts. While this is going to be exciting for Xbox 360 players who think they have what it takes, it’s going to be a shock for PS3 and PC players when they find out that they don’t even qualify for the tournament due to their platform of choice.

If you play Black Ops 2 on PC or PS3 and also consider yourself to be a skilled player at the game – it doesn’t matter. The rules state on Activision’s website that this tournament is for Xbox 360 players only, with no information on PS3 or PC tournaments in sight.

Is this really fair for other players of the game who wanted to participate in the tournament as well? We’re willing to bet there would be a fair amount of PC and PS3 players who would definitely give Xbox 360 gamers a run for their money. Let us know what you think about this almighty snub from Treyarch and Activision.

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  • ciddddddddddce

    they just want little kids on xbox to win the damn money xbox lil kids ps3 real men play at

  • Jose Silva

    Thats not fair for other player who also play this game and buy them. We should have the same right as the Xbox360 player we may be better that xbox player thats extremely unfair

  • Nick V

    I really gotta say, if there was a case in politics about this, this would be considered racist to other console owners. That is why I HAAAAAATE Xbox 360 owners. Its snub and treat others like crap. We, PS3 and PC owners, get that Xbox 360 owners get dlc before we do, I’m fine as long as I get my share but this is just going overboard. This is something as a mock and taunt towards other console owners. And to be honest, I feel terrible for the Wii U console owners cause as far as I am concerned, there is NO dlc coming period which means obviously no tournament. Give everyone a fair share. We PS3 owners are sharing OUR exclusive games like Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, etc and you we can’t have a fair share of tournaments? That is rather cruel to be honet.

    • marhorn

      Get a grip….you aint sharing nothing, the game makers decided to get more sales…that is all!

  • exCODPlayer

    Is anyone really surprised? They have done nothing but take things away from the PC and now the PS3 is starting to feel the pain. COD has not been the same since COD 4/5. That’s why I and numerous other older COD players have moved to BF. See ya on the Battlefield!!!

    • RetroCoDFan

      Honestly, CoD has not been the same since CoD 3. 4 and onwards were all let downs.

      • halo44327

        I gotta agree. Playing Call of Duty 1 was a fresh air. Cod 2 was even the same. AWESOME. Since the starting of MW series and now Black Ops, they had kept the same content with no real improvements and COD MW3 actually went down on the content than MW2 with graphics and everything. I do applaud Black Ops II for its attempt to actual risk ts franchise and try something new majorly but I’d rather play CoD 1 and 2. Sad CoD 3 never got PC release. :/

  • marhorn

    For what? all of like 4 people that play it online for the ps3…..

  • FlipMango

    Well since the Xbox 360 is apparently sponsoring this event, then I would assume that is the reason why it’s exclusive to the Xbox 360.

  • ByeByeCoD

    Over it. I am totally average so therefore would definitely not qualify for a tournament entry anyway, altohugh I will no longer buy this franchise as this was just misleading and deceptive conduct from Treyarch/Activision. It mentioned tournaments in advertisements but did not say they were exclusive to the XPox. What a croc. Activision, good luck the pov end of the market. BTW, I have bought every CoD game since 4 on PS3. And I am one of those that didn’t care that each iteration of the franchise was just a new map pack, so I am pretty hard to p&^% off, but Activision/Treyarch have finally alienated me with this crap.