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Windows 7.8 update download problems reported

Since yesterday those with Windows Phone 7.5 devices have been able to download and install Windows 7.8, but this has not been an easy process for some and have had to force a download rather than receiving it automatically. Now the easiest thing to do would just be patient, but we know it’s never as simple as that, just as some iPhone 5 owners have experienced with iOS 6.1.

There is currently only a few Windows 7.8 update download problems reported, but nothing like those on par with the shambles of Apple’s latest mobile OS. A few people have suggested that the 7.8 update has caused a slight delay when they hit the start tile screen just before the animation does its little thing. We’ve not heard much of this issue, so one would presume that this is just an isolated issue to just a select few.

Another issue is how people have downloaded and installed Windows 7.8, but they seem to have no acknowledgement that their device has the latest update, and are left wondering if they are still running 7.5. There’s also an issue with people trying to update their Surround handset, and when they asked HTC, they said that this was an Android handset so could not have the update, even though it’s clearly a Windows device. Another HTC customer service representative said that Surround would not even handle Mango let along 7.8, which is strange considering most people are running Mango on this device.

Some of our readers have said that after updating to Windows 7.8 Ringtone maker had disappeared along with Bluetooth share. While 7.8 doesn’t seem to add too much to Windows Phone, it has certainly proved a very popular download and so far those issues have not been as bad as a certain Apple device.



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