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Wii U price cut for wholesale members

Nintendo has said that there are no plans to cut the price of the Wii U console officially, but as we progress through 2013 we are already starting to see signs of retailers taking matters into their own hands. It has been discovered that popular wholesaler Costco are offering a very generous discount on Nintendo’s new console, but only for those that have a membership.

Memberships with wholesale companies is obviously not a new thing, but a surprise $50 discount on the Wii U is certainly something to take notice of if you happen to have an account with Costco and have previously been interested in picking up the console since launch.

On the Costco website now though, you’ll see that they are selling the Wii U Basic Version for $244.97 and the Deluxe version for as little as $299, a saving of $50 and $55 respectively depending on which package you opt for. As far as we’re aware, this is the best deal for the Wii U online anywhere, but obviously you will need a membership with the company to be eligible.

Nintendo had previously said that they’ll leave it up to retailers to change the prices of their console, so this could be the trend setter in 2013 if Nintendo are planning to stick on $299 and $349 for the foreseeable future. We’ve had a quick peek on Amazon and it looks like the online retailer is sticking to their guns on $299 for the Basic Version, although there is a $5 discount on offer for the Deluxe.

Will you only purchase a Wii U if the price comes down first? Are there any of you who have a Costco membership and are interested in taking them up on their offer? We’ll let you know when the next notable price reduction is spotted.



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