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Unlocked BlackBerry Z10 available to US now, at a price

In a reversal of what usually happens the US will not get their hands on BlackBerry’s latest handset until march, while those in the UK have been able to get these for the past couple of days now. However, the unlocked Blackberry Z10 is already available to the US, although it comes at a price.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on the Z10 then you could have a little visit on the eBay Store because there are already several of these handsets for sale. However, because these are unlocked and are not tied to Verizon or Sprint you will have to pay a premium, and we’re already seeing the Blackberry Z10 reach prices of $1500, which is not cheap.

It’s amazing how much people will pay if they are desperate enough to get a new smartphone that is otherwise unavailable to them. The moment we learned that RIM (sorry BlackBerry) were to release unlocked versions of the Z10 we knew that they would appear on auction sites like eBay, just so unscrupulous people can prey on those who feel compelled to own one – although can you blame these sellers as they are just fulfilling a service?

This kind of practice is nothing new and is a common occurrence when a new iPhone or iPad is released, because people know that Apple will struggle to keep up with demand and will have to delay shipping, which is when those who ordered more than one can pounce to make a pretty decent profit.



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