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Toshiba Tegra 4 tablet rumored for June release

Toshiba is trying to up their game in not only the TV and laptop markets but also smartphones and tablets as well. Many of us would look over the past few years and feel that Toshiba have let things slip a little, but seeing as though they are embracing Windows 8 proves that they are committed to new ventures – even if Windows 8 has proved a bit of a disappointment to many consumers.

However, we’re now hearing from sources that the first Toshiba Tegra 4 tablet will have a release date in June, which if true could prove very interesting considering the Tegra 4 processor was only unveiled a few weeks ago during CES. The new Toshiba tablet will not be alone in the second half of this year because the same processor will also power the Vizio 10-inch Android tablet, although this will be a budget model when compared to Toshiba.

It’s been said that the Tegra 4 is having trouble trying to compete with Qualcomm’s quad-core platforms, but how can this be the case when the Tegra 4 processor has only recently been unveiled? Once the likes of Toshiba begins to back the new chip and rumors that Acer could also back the same processor then things could take off, but if Asus partners with Qualcomm as they have in the past then it could be a huge blow.

As yet Toshiba has not confirmed or denied this, but we have seen in the past that these reports from Taiwanese makers have been correct in the past, although they have been known to be wrong as well.



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