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Samsung Galaxy S4 testing controversy

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is meant to be a joyous occasion when it happens, but some recent news could scupper this because Samsung looks set to implement a new service just as a test to see if it proves successful or not. This new service will give them far more control with sales as well as updates to their handsets, but it’s also a way for them to know just how many of their handsets have been sold in each country.

The reason that this new Galaxy S4 testing could cause controversy is because Samsung aims to stop one country selling their handsets to another country, and a way to stop this is by not offering updates to handsets brought out of the country you will be using your phone in. So you have purchased your handset from France and you reside in the Netherlands, then you will not be able to update your S4.

An article suggests that this could inflate the price you pay for Samsung handsets in the future, and also the fact that people could wait far longer to get a new Samsung device in their country; so if you live in the US and hope to buy a new handset that is already available in the UK – good job BlackBerry did not do this otherwise all those people spending more than $1000 on a Z10 would have wasted their money.

This could become a serious issue if a year or so down the line you purchase a used Galaxy S4, which means you will need to check the IMEI number to make sure that it matches the country that you live in. However, we shouldn’t worry too much because those clever devs will find a way around this, but that’s if you wish to use such a crack?



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