FIFA 13 transfer update wait for Beckham, Coutinho fans

By Alan Ng - Feb 1, 2013

As football fans across the globe are well aware, the January transfer window has now shut across Europe. To many that only means one thing – waiting patiently to see when the FIFA 13 January transfer updates will be implemented into the game. There has been some big movers in the final part of the window, notably David Beckham to PSG and young Brazilian Coutinho to Liverpool.

At the moment, the update hasn’t arrived in FIFA 13 which is a bit disappointing, although hopefully EA are hard at work and will rollout out the roster update over the weekend. It shouldn’t be too long we imagine, as don’t forget EA swiftly rolled out the first portion of the January update, when the likes of Demba Ba and Daniel Sturridge were added to Chelsea and Liverpool respectively.

If you head to the manual update section of the game though, there is no install available at the moment so fans just have to sit back and wait to see Beckham in a PSG shirt and likewise for Coutinho. Another big name to look out for is Didier Drogba, as once the update is out you should be able to see him move from the free agent section to his new club Galatasaray – if the deal has actually gone through from Shanghai Shenhua that is.

Are you starting to get a little impatient because the update hasn’t happened as quickly as the last roster update? Are you looking forward to seeing Coutinho and Beckham at their new clubs? We’ll update this post when EA goes live with the update.

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  • I play Head to Head unranked on PS3. I don’t have the roster update yet. Any tips on how to get this? Thanks!

  • james

    Come on Nacho!!!!

  • Ateeb Akhtar

    What about willian in anzhi..? I mean he wasnt even in the game..?

  • Louis

    I’m an AC Milan fan and have been patiently waiting for Balotelli to join. Now that he has I was eager to create a manager mode. Previously the manager modes had not worked with Milan as they froze after a season. Now though I was willing to give EA a second chance. Having made my new manager mode I discovered new signing Bartosz Salamon had not joined the club, Adria Carmona had not joined Zaragoza on loan and that the on loan player list was completely screwed. Milan had signed Riccardo Saponara from Empoli but left the player there on loan, there was no evidence of this at all. Also I hope the overall updates are fair and that they make reasonable adjustments to growth for players like Salamon and Saponara.

  • burls

    Beckham and Coutinho are now moved. Drogba not yet. Im waiting to start a new career mode!!!